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In an increasingly globalized economy, it is important for United States businesses to obtain the best talent available at competitive compensation rates, whether from within or outside the United States.  Accordingly, employers must be adept at dealing with United States employment visa requirements to recruit and retain talent on a global scale. At Shestopalko law we have the necessary skill set to develop effective immigration solutions for business of all sizes and needs. As Shestopalko Law we are passionate about helping immigrants obtain employment-based visas. We are immigrants ourselves and understand what drives people to want to live and work here and contribute to this great country. We can put our skill, experience and resources to work for you in making the visa process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Non-Immigrant (Temporary) Work Visas

H-1B Visa (Specialty Occupation Workers)

H-2B Visas (Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers)

TN Visas (NAFTA Professional Workers)

L-1 Visas (Intracompany Transferees)

Other Temporary Non-Immigrant Work Visas

These categories only touch upon some of the most common Temporary Non-Immigrant Work visas and the descriptions are general. Employment Immigration is a complicated area of immigration law and the attorneys at Shestopalko Law are happy to discuss your particular skill set and unique situation to fit your particular immigration needs.

Immigrant (Permanent) Work Visas

Employment First Preference (EB-1)

Employment Second Preference (EB-2)

Employment Third Preference (EB-3)

Employment Fourth Preference (EB-4)

Employment Fifth Preference (EB-5)

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